Dryad’s Wreath

Wondrous item, rare

The dryad’s wreath allows you to attune to a tree, and draw upon its power to influence plants in the area around it. The attunement ritual takes 10 minutes. While wearing the dryad’s wreath upon your head, your hair takes on the appearance of leaves, which may take on the hue of any season for leaves of your attuned tree.

Once you are attuned, and as long as you are within 900 feet of it, you gains the following abilities.

  • You can use speak with plants at will, and spike growth once per day without the need for material components.
  • Once per day as a standard action, you teleport yourself to the side of your bonded tree.
  • You can also use tree stride once per day as a dryad does.
  • You know how many unnatural creatures, such as undead, constructs or aberrations, are within the 900-foot radius around the tree, though you do not know their locations.

If you ever travel more than 900 feet from the tree, you become sickened. You may choose to sever the connection with a tree at any time as an action. After severing the connection, you can attune to another tree after 24 hours.

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