Dynast Aegis

Armor (shield), very rare

Gifted to those charged with protecting a pharaoh, this +2 shield is decorated with golden edging and inlaid with the hieroglyph of the pharaoh it was crafted to protect. At sunrise, the wielder of the dynast aegis may nominate one creature to be the shield’s charge. The selected creature gains the same shield bonus to AC as the wielder does, as long as the shield-wielder is within 5 feet, able to take actions, and not blinded or restrained.

While within 5 feet of his charge, the wielder can make a special shield attack (1d4 damage) twice per day as his action. The attack causes a swell of sand to rush out of the aegis, pushing the target away from the wielder in a straight line up to 30 feet unless they make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw.

This distance is reduced by 5 feet for every size category of the target above Medium.

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