Earthenport Plate

Armor (heavy), legendary (requires attunement)

This hulking suit of oversized armor is +2 plate armor crafted of shining stone engraved with dwarven runes and effigies in relief. Activating the full power of the armor requires you to decipher the runic engravings in Dwarvish and Terran, requiring fluency in those languages as well as making a DC 15 Intelligence (History) ability in a timeframe on 1 minute. Once this check is successfully made, you can, as an action, imbue the armor with one of two abilities for 24 hours. The first of these abilities is having resistance against all non-magical damage.

The second ability is the ability to cast enlarge/reduce three times per day, only being able to enlarge yourself. This ritual can be repeated any time to switch the armor’s special ability to the second one instead. If you take the armor off and another creature puts it on, the ability is lost unless the ritual is repeated by the new wearer. Additionally, if you have unlocked this armor’s power, you can perform a different chant as an action to cast an earthenport ritual, though you must be on a place of natural stone or an earthen surface for this to work.

When this rune is recited, the earth at your feet is riven apart, affecting a 10-foot-radius spread centered on you as you (and any companions earthenporting with you) sink into the earth. This sinking takes 1 round, during which time you and any companions cannot move and are considered grappled but gain half cover against all attacks. Once you have sunk into the ground, you are whisked away to your destination as if using teleport, though your destination must be on a surface of natural, unworked earth or stone. You and your companions rise slowly out of the ground at the end of this teleport, taking 1 round, during which you cannot move and are considered grappled but also have half cover, as above. Once you have used this earthenport ability, you must complete a long rest before using it again.

Epic Attunement. If you are a dwarf, all creatures traveling via this earthenport gain immunity to nonmagical damage while performing the earthenport.

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