Elder Talisman

Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

This rough-hewn stone in the form of a sevenpointed star at first appears a weathered relic of ancient times, but a close inspection reveals spidery whorls and traceries of pictographic runes that bend the mind and yet all lead back into the heart of the star. When you carry an elder talisman you gain advantage on all saving throws against spells and shielded with its power by a protection from evil spell, though these protections apply only against creatures or effects with the mythos descriptor (regardless of alignment); the mythos descriptor is described in Mythos Monsters from Legendary Games and includes creatures drawn from or inspired by the eldritch mythos of H.P. Lovecraft and similar writers.

If you hold the elder talisman in both hands, you may detect mythos at will as an action, and may also trigger each of the following powers once per day: detect mythos dispel mythos, magic circle against mythos, or shield of mythos. These spells function like detect evil, dispel evil and good, magic circle and shield, but they function against mythos creatures and spells (regardless of alignment).

Inimical to mythos creatures, an elder talisman enhances any spell that would bind or dismiss these creatures. The creature has disadvantage on the saving throw to resist.

Finally, an elder talisman is impervious to damage from any mythos spell or creature, whether from physical or magical attacks. Any nondamaging spell or effect used by a mythos creature to suppress or circumvent the power of an elder talisman has no effect on it or any magical effect it produces, even spells such as antimagic field and wish.

An elder talisman can be used as the focus for a permanent magical effect such as forbiddance or hallow; if this is done, that spell becomes impervious to dispelling or suppression by mythos spells or creatures. It may serve as the focus for only one spell at a time; if physically removed from the spell’s area of effect, its enhancement to that spell is ended.


An elder talisman can be destroyed by a rod of cancellation that is held simultaneously by a celestial and a fiend while they both teleport away simultaneously, or if struck by intelligent magic weapons (one chaotic evil and one lawful good) for at least 50 points of damage of each type within a single round.

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