Elixir of Arcane Concordance

Potion, rare

When you drink this amber elixir, for 1 minute you are surrounded with a pale golden glow, shedding light in a 10-foot radius and having disadvantage on Stealth checks. You can end the effects of the elixir as a bonus action. While glowing, you can spend a bonus action to increase the save DC by 1 for any sorcerer, warlock, or wizard spells you cast. In addition, you gain 1 sorcery point when you imbibe the elixir. If you are a sorcerer, you can use this sorcery point as you wish. If you are not a sorcerer, you can use it to add the Distant Spell, Extended Spell, 5 or Subtle Spell metamagic to any warlock or wizard spell you cast. If you spend this sorcery point, you can spend a bonus action on your next turn to roll 1d6; on a roll of 4-6, you regain it.

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