Elixir of Wonder

Potion, rare

When another creature within 30 ft. of you uses an action to drink a potion, you can use your reaction to imbue that potion with wild magic. The original drinker does not benefit from the effects of the potion. Instead, you must roll on the table below to determine the effects of the potion on the drinker.

d% Effect
01-10 As per potion of growth
11-20 As per potion of diminution
21-30 As per philter of love
31-40 The drinker gains 2 levels of exhaustion
41-50 The drinker is paralyzed, as per hold monster (DC 11 Wisdom save)
51-60 The drinker’s skin sheds purple light in a 10-ft. radius for 1d4 hours. This imposes disadvantage on Stealth checks on the drinker, attackers gain advantage on ranged attack rolls against the drinker, and the drinker cannot become invisible.
61-70 The drinker transforms into a small animal of the GM’s choice, as polymorph (DC 14 Wisdom save)
71-80 The drinker is affected by bestow curse (GM’s choice of curse) for 1d4 hours (DC 12 Wisdom save)
81-90 The drinker ages 1d10 years
91-00 The drinker becomes 1d10 years younger


Potion, uncommon

This rusty-red liquid is comprised of magically distilled and fortified essence of blood. It may be spread carefully over a 10-foot square or hurled at a single 5-foot square up to 30 feet distant. Creatures with the Keen Smell and any creature that feeds on blood or has any type of blood drain ability have disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks made to perceive creatures within 20 feet of the bloodscent.

In addition, if they enter the area of bloodscent they must succeed on a DC 12 Wisdom saving throw or be incapacitated for 1 round by the intensity of the bloodscent’s aroma. They can attempt a new saving throw each round at the beginning of their turn to overcome their fascination with the bloodscent.

A lycanthrope that fails its save against bloodscent while in humanoid form must succeed on a second identical save or be compelled to assume its hybrid form. Bloodscent can be hurled at a creature as a ranged weapon attack, affecting them as above.

In addition, creatures with the Keen Smell ability beginning their turn adjacent to the target are compelled to attack the target for 1 round unless they succeed on a DC 12 Wisdom saving throw (ending that compulsion). If the attack misses, the bloodscent fills a single 5-foot square wherever it lands. Bloodscent affects creatures only once per use, though it remains potent for 1 minute after being spread or hurled, and other creatures exposed to it may be affected. Herbivorous creatures are immune to bloodscent.

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