Endless Bandolier

Wondrous item, common (requires attunement by a rogue; see below)

This set of cloth and tooled leather bands can be worn as a belt or accross the chest with fittings to hold ammunition and similar small items for ready retrieval, but it holds far more than it appears and can readily accommodate small melee weapons as well and always looks inconspicuous. The loops of the endless bandolier can hold up to 60 blowgun darts, sling bullets, hand crossbow bolts, or firearm bullets or cartridges. Six small pockets built into the endless bandolier can each hold a dagger, sling, hand crossbow, blowgun, or one-handed firearm, or alternately a flask of alchemist’s fire, holy water, potion vial, or similar container. A long, narrow pocket also can stow up to 50 feet of rope and a grappling hook. You can draw any item the endless bandolier contains as if doing so from a regular quiver or scabbard.

The above properties of the endless bandolier function even if it is not attuned. While attuned, however, the endless bandolier and items stored within it appear nonmagical to spells and effects that detect magical auras. You also can attune a second magic item that can fit within the endless bandolier along with it; both items together count as only a single item for the purpose of your attunement limit.

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