Energetic Lamp

Strange thing, uncommon

A gas-powered lamp, commonly used in the gem mines of Bryzine. Once lit, the lamp is immune to all but the most powerful wind and stays lit even when tipped over. The lamp emits bright light in a 10- to 100-foot radius, and dim light to twice that distance, depending on how the hood is adjusted. The illuminated area is cast in a circle centered on the lamp, although it can be outfitted as a bullseye lantern in order to focus the light into a 150-foot cone. Most often these lanterns are used underground, where their light is more easily contained; using one outside often brings unwanted attention down upon a party. The added benefit to these lamps is that mine trolls and some other subterranean creatures tend to shy away from the brilliance, providing safer travel when venturing into such territory. Occasionally mine trolls will still brave the light in instances of extreme hunger or if the adventurers encroach too close to their dens, but reports of such instances are rare, although that could be due to a lack of survivors.

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