Essence Potion of Memory

Potion, rarity varies

Essence Potions

Essence potions are magical droughts that can be consumed to gain the memories or identities of others. They can be brewed much like magical potions but require a donation of brain fluid from the creature providing the essence. A creature that provides fluid for essence cannot do so again until 1 month has passed, and any memories provided to the essence in this manner are forever forgotten. The creature brewing the potion decides what memory is taken from the creature providing it.


When you drink this potion, you are gifted with the memories of another creature whose essence was extracted to create the potion.

The memories become a part of your memories as though they were always yours and cannot be forgotten by nonmagical means.

You can perfectly recall the memories in exact detail, the amount of which is determined by the potion’s rarity.

Essence of Memory Table
Type of Potion Effect Rarity
Minor A single memory, up to 10 minutes long Common
Lesser A single memory, up to 1 hour long Uncommon
Moderate A collection of memories, up to a combined 24 hours’ worth Rare
Greater A collection of memories, up to a combined weeks’ worth Very Rare
Supreme A collection of memories, up to a combined years’ worth Legendary
Extraordinary All memories of the creature from which the essence was extracted
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