Face of the Forgotten

Wondrous item, relic

Torn from the visage of a fallen god and shattered into three parts, the Face of the Forgotten is a divine relic that has the power to bestow divinity to any creature that assembles it. Each of its parts—the mask, helm, and crown—are strewn across the multiverse so that no mortal may easily ascend to the highest ranks of divinity. Many have sought to assemble the Face of the Forgotten only to tragically discover its pieces in the hands of powerful entities or lost beyond all recovery. Nevertheless, the quest continues, with countless heroes and villains seeking a shortcut to divine power. It is known to a few select souls that the crown is safely stored within the petrified body of the Unfathomable, and it is rumored that the mask is in the possession of Janon the Godbreaker. The helm is said to have been found in realms once forgotten, but none can know for sure. When fully assembled, the relic appears as a gold, crowned skull whose mouth is covered with a metal mask.


Becoming attuned to the relic requires one gather all three components of the Face of the Forgotten and place them together. While attuned, the relic gains the following property in addition to its unattuned properties:

  • Divine Ascension. While you wear the mask, you are ascended to godhood, taking your place among the divine pantheon of the universe. Your divine rank is greater deity, and you assume three portfolios of your choice.

While unattuned, the relic has the following properties:

  • Absolute Authority (Crown Only). While wearing the crown, when you speak, you can choose for every word you speak to be heard and understood by all creatures within 1 mile of you. Additionally, when you give a non-Epic creature a verbal command in this manner, it must obey that command to the best of its ability.
  • Divine Essence. You are infused with divine essence while you wear the relic, making you less susceptible to luck. If you are wearing one piece of the relic and would roll a 5 or lower on a d20, you instead roll a 6. If you are wearing two pieces of the relic and would roll a 10 or lower on a d20, you instead roll an 11. If you are wearing all three pieces of the relic and would roll a 15 or lower on a d20, you instead roll a 16.
  • Gaze of Truth (Helm Only). While wearing the helm, you have a special sense that allows you to detect lesser creatures. Non-Deific creatures within 120 feet of you cannot be hidden or invisible from you, and creatures you can see cannot succeed on Charisma (Deception) checks against you.
  • Mysterious Identity (Mask Only). While wearing the mask, creatures other than you cannot speak your birthname or your truename unless you allow it. Additionally, none of your names or aliases appear in any text or document, though creatures can still title you with names of their own design.
  • War of the Gods. While wearing one of the relic’s pieces, you increase the number of rounds you can resist a deity’s divine power by 10, as detailed in the Deific Rules Expanded section of this chapter.


When you come into possession of one the relic’s fragments, every deity becomes aware the acquisition along with your personality, characteristics, alignment, intentions for the piece, intentions for the Face of the Forgotten, and other key details. Additionally, while you possess a fragment of the relic, deities consider themselves your enemies and will actively oppose any attempt by you to acquire the other fragments. If necessary, a deity may intervene directly should you come close to acquiring another fragment.

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