Feathered Mat of Paradise

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

Woven from red silk and brightly colored plumage of a rare and magical fairy bird, this small sleeping mat provides it owner with a more restful slumber. In order to use the mat, it must first be attuned to its owner who must perform a meditative trance upon the mat for 1 uninterrupted hour each day for 30 consecutive days. Once attuned to its owner, every four hours of uninterrupted sleep counts as an 8-hour sleep period for the purpose of regaining spells or class abilities and recovering hit points, ability damage, as well as for recovering from diseases, poisons, or other afflictions. The mat can only be attuned to a single owner and only the attuned owner gains the magical benefits from resting on it. He cannot share the mat’s benefits with others. The character also cannot be surprised while sleeping.

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