Weapon (blowgun), rare

The embers scattered along the wooden surface of this +1 blowgun flicker continuously, reigniting mere moments after dying out. The firespitter feels comfortably warm when pressed against the shooter’s lips, and blowing down the long tube releases tiny darts of fire that ignite the target on impact. The firespitter does not require the use of any ammunition, since it naturally produces its own magical projectiles. The blowgun’s attack deals fire damage instead of piercing and the target must succeed on make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or catch on fire.

The firespitter’s flammable qualities also enhance magical fire. The wielder use their movement to direct a spell or ability that deals fire damage through the firespitter, increasing the DC of that spell or ability by one. Whether being used to attack or enhance a spell, a firespitter can be used only once per round.

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