Flask of Unexpected Fortitude

Wondrous item, rare

Sometimes magical items are worth taking a risk, and sometimes they backfire in unexpected and spectacular ways. Often known as the Trickster’s Flask, this simple metal flask is filled with an everchanging supply of a random potion or elixir. Upon their character uncorking and drinking the entire contents, the player rolls for the result. Drinking from the flask is a free action. The flask can only be used twice per day, and only once per day by any given person. The potion cannot be poured into another vessel but must be drunk directly from the flask. If poured into a cup or another flask, the potion is rendered into brackish water. All effects gained from this flask last for 30 minutes instead of their normal duration but cannot be dismissed even if they normally could.

d10 Result
1 Elixir of health
2 Potion of diminution
3 Philter of clairvoyance
4 Potion of Animal Friendship
5 Potion of Storm Giant Strength
6 Potion of gaseous form (flask is immediately dropped, but all other items are carried over)
7 Potion of mind reading
8 Potion of poison
9 Potion of climbing
10 Potion of supreme healing
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