Font Phial

Wondrous item, uncommon

This bottle of clear crystal has a golden stopper and base.

Each day at dawn, the font phial fills itself with the equivalent of one flask of holy water. This can be poured out and used for any purpose that holy water can, including making a ranged attack against a creature within 5 feet, dealing 2d6 radiant damage on a hit against a fiend or undead creature.

This holy water, however, loses its potency if not used within 1 minute of being poured out. If poured into another container, it can be thrown up to 20 feet as a ranged attack.

A cleric or paladin can instead drink the contents of the font phial as a bonus action. A paladin who does so and then uses their action to lay on hands restores an additional 5 hit points without affecting their healing pool for that ability.

A cleric can use their action to Channel Divinity without using one of their daily uses of that ability. If the cleric or paladin does not use one of these actions on the same turn in which they drink from the font phial, the effect is lost. A character cannot benefit more than once per day from drinking from a font phial.

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