Force Field

Armor (technological), rare (brown), very rare (black, white, gray, green, red), legendary (blue, orange, prismatic)

Force fields are powered by a surprisingly light pair of slender, silvery bracelets. When activated, dozens of tiny biofeedback needles pierce the wearer’s arms to interface with the nervous system; the pain of this causes the wearer to become dazed and have disadvantage on ability checks, attack rolls and saving throws until the end of the wearers next round (DC 15 Constitution saving throw negates) as the force field is activated.

Once active, the device generates an invisible and intangible field of force around the target. The force field blocks solids and liquids, but not gases or light (including laser beams and other purely radiant damage sources). The user of a force field can still breathe, but he cannot eat or drink.

Activating a force field is an action that consumes 1d6 charges from the device, after which point the field consumes 1 additional charge every round it remains active. While a force field is active, the user gains a number of temporary hit points that varies depending on the force field’s power. All damage dealt to the wearer of a force field is subtracted from the temporary hit points it grants first.

As long as the force field is active, the wearer is immune to critical. A force field has regeneration that replenishes its temporary hit points at a fixed rate each round, but if the force field’s temporary hit points are ever reduced to 0, the force field shuts down and cannot be reactivated for 24 hours. Force fields are automatically reduced to 0 hp by disintegration and EMP effects. A force field can be deactivated as a bonus action.

The charge capacity, amount of temporary hit points granted, and rate of regeneration these temporary hit points have varies according to the force field’s color code, as detailed below.

Force Field Statistics
Color Price Capacity Temp HP Regeneration
Brown 5,000 10 5 1
Black 10,000 15 10 2
White 20,000 20 15 3
Gray 30,000 25 20 4
Green 40,000 30 25 5
Red 50,000 35 30 6
Blue 60,000 40 35 7
Orange 70,000 45 40 8
Prismatic 100,000 50 60 10
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