Forsaken Body Paint

Wondrous item, rare

This clay jar contains a mixture of black and white paint. You can spend one minute applying the paint to yourself, either drawing symbols of death or making you look vaguely like a skeleton (black-painted flesh with white images of bones over it). The paint makes low-intelligence undead and undead that lack free will (such as skeletons and zombies) perceive you as not a foe, and they will not attack you. This effect ends as soon as you attack any undead creature.

When you are in the Necropolis or within 30 feet of an undead creature, your weapon attacks against living creatures add +1 necrotic damage.

The paint lasts for 1d4 days unless it is intentionally removed. Immersion in water for up to an hour won’t wash it off, but longer periods of time tend to reduce the paint’s duration.

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