Foxfire Stole

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

This wrap of red fox fur is warm to the touch, and is typically worn about the shoulders, with the intact but stuffed fox head at one end and a bushy fox tail affixed to its opposite end.

While you wear it, you remain warm in cold environments as though wearing cold weather gear. Additionally, you have resistance to cold and fire damage, while the stole itself is immune to cold and fire damage.

Whenever you take cold damage from a melee strike, the foxfire stole wreaths you in fire as a fire shield as a reaction. This shield lasts until the end of your next turn when the stole returns to normal.

Once used, this ability can’t be triggered again until the next dawn.

A foxfire stole is dimly sentient, infused with the essence of the fey realms. It does not speak but can communicate empathically with you. It has a keen sense of smell and can make Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on scent independently of you, with a +10 modifier. It is particularly sensitive to fey and arctic creatures; you gain advantage on all Wisdom (Survival) checks to track in arctic terrain, and you gain a +4 bonus to this check if you know you are also tracking a fey creature.

As an action, you may command the foxfire stole to animate as a fox-shaped small fire elemental. It can persist in this form for up to 1 hour before resuming its usual shape and cannot transform again until after the next dawn. If slain in elemental form, the foxfire stole returns to its normal shape and cannot transform again for 24 hours, though the rest of its abilities continue to function.

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