Fractured Phylactery

Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

When a lich descends into torpor, progressing from a full lich to an atrophied lich to a demilich, its phylactery slowly falls apart over time. Occasionally, the phylactery of an atrophied lich remains even after its master is destroyed. Such phylacteries become artifacts, powered by the renewed tenacity of their masters to cling to existence, and grant some aspects of a lich’s power to a new master.

While attuned to the phylactery, you react to healing energy as if you were undead. Additionally, you gain resistance to cold, lightning, and necrotic damage, as well as immunity to poison damage. If you are undead, you gain Turn Resistance. Additionally, the DC to resist your necromancy spells is 1 higher than normal.

Your touch slows the movements of your enemies.

If you succeed at an unarmed melee attack with a free hand, you can affect a target as per the slow spell (DC 14) instead of dealing damage. You can use this ability at will, and a touch can replace a normal attack. The bearer can also cast blight 3/day.

Legends tell that repeated use of a fractured phylactery can cause it to repair over time, granting even further powers to its bearer, and eventually causing the lich itself to return. More than one foolish adventurer has been slain by a fully restored lich who will stop at nothing to reclaim its most prized possession.

Destroying a Fractured Phylactery. Casting the Fractured Phylactery into the Positive Energy Plane destroys it for good.

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