Gauntlet of Staveguarding

Wondrous item, rare

This heavy glove of leather covered in mithral mesh is used to safeguard a rod, staff, or wand from destruction, though it may be used in conjunction with a quarterstaff or with any item or weapon wielded in one hand. Any creature attempting to forcibly remove an item held with the gauntlet from your grasp has disadvantage on attack rolls or ability checks made to do so, while you have advantage on ability checks or saving throws made to resist such attempt. Additionally, no attempts to damage the held object can succeed until the gauntlet is destroyed first (AC 15, 25 hit points). A spell targeted at an item in hand (e.g., disintegrate, heat metal, shatter) affects the gauntlet instead. If more than one gauntlet of staveguarding is worn, each must protect a different held item.

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