Gerhardt’s Bargain

Ring, unique (cursed)

This is the ring the dwarves presented to Gerhardt iii to seal their bargain to serve him in exchange for permission to build their hall. It’s a gold ring set with fiery yellow sapphires, and it bears an inscription in Dwarvish that states, “Upon the Baron’s hand, this ring guarantees service of the folk of Alpentor.” If identify is cast on the ring or someone spends an hour examining it, they learn it’s a ring of regeneration—but it’s not. It’s a cursed ring, although the curse is fairly mild. The wearer is treated as charmed by all dwarves and can’t attack any dwarf that hasn’t already attacked the wearer, and even then the wearer has disadvantage on attack rolls against dwarves and they have advantage on saving throws against the wearer’s attacks and effects. In this context, “dwarf ” includes duergar, derro, and all other dwarven offshoots.

Dwarves of evil alignment innately sense their advantage over the wearer if they make a successful Wisdom (Insight) check. The DC equals 10 + the wearer’s Charisma modifier.

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