Ghost Food

Wondrous item, uncommon

This pitted iron pot has handles on each side and is sealed by a tight lid. Removing the lid unleashes the wretched stench of molding, rotten food. This meal, once comprised of rice, vegetables, and meat, is unsuitable for living humans but is nearly irresistible to the undead.

To activate a pot of ghost food, the user removes the lid and stirs the foul concoction three times. Any undead creatures that come within a 40-foot radius of the ghost food is compelled to go to the pot and begin feasting. Mindless undead receive no Wisdom save to resist the effect and ignore all other creatures in the interests of feasting. They will not take self-destructive actions to reach the pot, such as walking through a cliff or into a fire but will get as close as they can and wait until they can safely eat or until the effect ends.

Intelligent undead can make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw to resist the draw of the ghost food; if they succeed, they are unaffected. Otherwise, they are drawn to the pot same as mindless undead are, though if blocked from the feat intelligent undead are allowed a new saving throw each round to end the effect for them.

A pot of ghost food contains 30 units of rotting sustenance. Each Medium or smaller-sized undead consumes one unit of ghost food per round, while larger undead consume an additional 2 units of food per size category above Medium. Regardless of its size, an undead creature becomes sated after eating the ghost food for 4 rounds and is no longer subject to its enticing effect. Once all the ghost food is gone, the effect ends and the undead can sense other creatures nearby as normal.

If left uneaten, the effects of a pot of ghost food persist for 24 hours before the magic is lost and the food rots to ashes. Before being activated, ghost food does not rot any further than it already has.

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