Ghoul Light

Wondrous item, very rare

The ghoul light functions as a normal bullseye lantern if a candle is placed inside. Any meat, no matter how toxic it is or how rotten it’s become, is rendered safe to eat if the lamp’s light shines on it for 10 minutes or longer. The lamp doesn’t improve the meat’s flavor but does make it safe and restores its nutritional value.

Ghoul lights are often used as religious scourges by followers of Vardesain, because an undead creature that ends its turn in the light cast by the lamp takes 1 radiant damage.

  • Curse. Anyone who eats meat that’s been rendered edible by the ghoul light must make a successful DC 15 Constitution saving throw or develop a craving for the flesh of humanoid corpses. If a cursed creature goes longer than 7 days without consuming at least a few ounces of such flesh, they become unable to recover hit points by any means until they’ve satisfied their cannibal hunger.


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