Glowing Moss

Plant, uncommon

Glowing moss grows in some caves that are exposed to low-level arcane vibrations for long stretches of time. It flourishes in large patches that provide dim illumination throughout the cave where it grows.

If glowing moss is scraped off the rock and placed inside a jar or lantern, it sheds dim light in a 5-foot radius for 24 hours. Glowing moss light doesn’t flicker, and this type of “mosslight lantern” can’t be seen from more than 20 feet away even in pitch darkness by creatures with standard sight.

The 24-hour time limit on glowing moss that’s been removed from the rock where it grew would seem to limit the moss’s usefulness, but if gentle repose is cast on the moss, it lasts up to 10 days in a tightly sealed, opaque container. The 24-hour countdown begins once the container is reopened. This discovery allows glowing moss to be harvested and sold (for 5 gp per tin), usually in alleys and dismal shops that cater to thieves and other unsavory types.

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