Gorthek Mask

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

Orcs often bond themselves to ferocious warbeasts that they call gortheks, which may be mounts they ride into battle or simply trained fighting companions. Most often these are ordinary boars, bulls, or other strong beasts that have been brutally trained for war, but some gortheks are hideous crossbreeds scarred by orcish sorcery and spellcraft.

A gorthek mask is actually a set of two masks of hammered iron and rough leather, one sized for a gorthek’s face and the other sized for the face of its orc handler. To attune the masks, orcs permanently nail the gorthek masks to the respective wearers’ faces. The magic functions only when the gorthek masks are affixed to one orc and one gorthek. It doesn’t work with animals other than gortheks.

There’s only a 60% chance an orc’s mask will function when affixed to a non-orc humanoid—and it’s impossible to tell whether a mask will work until after it has been permanently attached.

The orc’s mask is fashioned with horns on the side, resembling those of a gorthek. With its bonded gorthek, the wearer gains the benefits of speak with animals and advantage on Wisdom (Animal Handling) checks with the bonded gorthek.

The gorthek’s mask often depicts fearsome tusks, scales, or other features meant to make the creature look more terrifying. A gorthek wearing its mask gains the Siege Monster trait (double damage against objects and structures). Any creature other than its handler has Disadvantage on Wisdom (Animal Handling) checks against a bonded gorthek.

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