Guardian Moppet

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

These simple dolls, crudely sewn from burlap, rags, and dark thread with bone button eyes and stuffed with old wool in the semblance of a child or kindly animal, are usually crafted by orphaned witch prodigies to guard children against those who would harm them. While wearing one, you are hidden from divination magic. You can’t be targeted by such magic or perceived through magical scrying sensors.

In addition, when worn or carried by a child, each guardian moppet can detect the presence of one menace group they choose: aliens (aberrations, celestials, fiends), bad people (giants, humanoids with a subtype different from the bearer’s, including shapechangers), bad spirits (fey, undead), creepycrawlies (oozes, Tiny or smaller animals), or monsters (dragons, monstrosities).

If a creature of its type comes within 20 feet, the guardian moppet awakens its bearer if asleep (with a silent mental alarm), or begins to weep and cry aloud if its bearer is awake; in either case, the bearer is protected as if the spell sanctuary were cast (Will DC 11 Wisdom save) for 1 minute that affects only creatures of the chosen types. The guardian moppet must have line of sight to detect creatures of its type; thus, solid barriers prevent its detection. It cannot be fooled by stealth (including magical invisibility or silence), but it cannot detect creatures that are traveling via the astral or ethereal planes or is polymorphed.

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