Haruspex Ward

Wondrous item, very rare

This gruesome, shriveled brain is attached to a thin chain that can be worn around the neck.

While wearing it, you have immunity to psychic damage. Each time you are subjected to an effect that deals psychic damage, record the amount you would have taken as a cumulative total. Once the haruspex ward has prevented 75 psychic damage, the shriveled brain crumbles to dust and is destroyed. books they consume. They favor challenging targets with grand intellects, perhaps deriving some kind of satisfaction from overcoming a resilient mind. While sadistic, mind warpers are far from stupid. Creatures they possess can be used as transportation and as a tool, allowing the disease to spread to realms far and wide. A mind warper is not subtle, however, and any possessed individuals will quickly attract attention. More than one town crazy has proven to be a tragic victim of a mind warper, patiently waiting for just the right victim to come along. In conversation mind warpers are demanding and psychotic, shifting between emotional states at a disturbing pace. Those who survive the experience describe it as a being of pure spite, screaming into one’s brain at headache-inducing volumes.

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