Armor (chain shirt), rare (requires attunement)

A vivid motley pattern of green, gold, and purple is dyed into the links of this lightweight +1 chain shirt.

As an action, the wearer of a hauberk-in-motley may dance and jape in the armor and attempt to affect one or more living creatures within 30 feet as hideous laughter. The target(s) must be able to see and hear the wearer, and the wearer must succeed on a DC 12 Charisma (Performance) check. The Wisdom save DC to resist the effect is 14 if the wearer targets only a single creature, DC 12 if she targets two creatures, and DC 10 if she targets three creatures. If the Performance check fails or the save succeeds, all creatures within 30 feet are immune to this effect until the wearer completes a long rest.

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