Healthful Honeypot

Wondrous item, rare

This clay honeypot weighs 10 pounds. A sweet aroma wafts constantly from it, and it produces enough honey to feed up to 12 humanoids as if they had consumed 1 day’s worth of rations. You can use an action to eat one of the remaining portions of honey to regain 1d8 hit points. The honeypot replenishes its uses at dawn.

You can use the honeypot’s magic to create a resplendent honey-based banquet, including an exquisite mead. Up to twelve creatures can feast on the banquet, which requires an hour to consume. After the hour is over, each creature that participated is cured of all diseases and poison, becomes immune to poison and being frightened, and makes all Wisdom saving throws with advantage. These benefits last for 24 hours. If the honeypot is used in this way, it loses all of its magic for 1 week.

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