Heartseeker Spear

Weapon, rare

This stout wooden spear is tipped with a flanged steel head. You gain a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls made with the heartseeker spear.

In addition, it senses the heartbeats of living creatures nearby even if you cannot clearly see them. As a bonus action, you can sense the location of living creatures with beating hearts within 10 feet; you retain this knowledge only until the end of your turn. When wielding the heartseeker spear, you do not have disadvantage on melee attack rolls against creatures you can’t see.

The heartseeker spear can be fooled by illusions, as long as they have an auditory component, such as mirror image or phantasmal force. It cannot sense creatures within a silence spell or using nondetection, mind blank, or similar protection against divination, nor can it locate elementals, plants, oozes, or other living creatures without hearts (such as many aberrations, at the GM’s discretion).

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