Heartstone Rod

Rod, uncommon (requires attunement)

This carnelian rod allows the wielder to hear the heartbeats of living creatures within 30 feet, allowing him to pinpoint their location as if he had blindsense. This ability does not detect the presence of elementals, oozes, plants, incorporeal creatures, creatures with a gaseous or liquid body, or other creatures that do not have a heartbeat (including those using spells like meld into stone).

In addition, once per day the wielder can touch a creature with the heartstone rod to inflict the curse of the tell-tale heart (DC 16 Wisdom negates). Whenever a creature affected by the curse tells a lie, or even stretches the truth with a deception check (this does not trigger on deception checks made to faint or cause a distraction to hide), its heart begins to race and pound causing the creature to become frightened and to gain 1 level of exhaustion for each round it spends being dishonest. While its heart is racing, the creature’s heartbeat is plainly audible to creatures nearby, granting them advantage on Wisdom (Insight) and Wisdom (Perception) checks against the target and allowing them to pinpoint the creature’s location by sound with a successful Wisdom (Perception) check even if they are invisible, allowing them to attack the affected creature without disadvantage.

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