Helm of the Citadel

Armor (helm), rare

This bucket-shaped helmet is made from black iron and is decorated with simple crown engravings. While wearing this item, you can speak the command word and cause it to grow to enormous proportions. You and everyone within 5 feet of you find yourselves inside the helm, which has a diameter of 15 feet and is 15 feet high.

The circular wall and roof are completely enclosed except for the two 5-foot-long and 6-inch-high eye slits about 8 feet above the ground. There are also twelve 6-inch-wide “breathing holes” at various heights below the eye slits.

The citadel is magically secured to the ground, so it cannot be tipped over or moved. The wall is 7-inches thick and has AC 20, 150 hit points, and a damage threshold of 10. It is made of regular iron and, if damaged, can be repaired by a blacksmith.

Speaking the command word again causes the citadel to shrink back down to normal size on your head.

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