Hill Seeds

Wondrous item, rare

These wrinkled pebbles are extracted from the very bones of the earth, and when planted back in the ground they cause the land to rise and swell like a seed trying to burst forth from the ground. Each hill seed must remain undisturbed in the ground for 1 minute to germinate. You may fertilize a hill seed by pouring a magic potion over it, reducing its time to grow by 1d4 rounds times the spell level of the potion (minimum 1 round).

Once the hill seed germinates, it causes the land to rise 5 feet in a 20-foot radius spread. Every minute thereafter, the radius of the hill expands by an additional 20 feet (at an elevation of 5 feet) and the height of the hill that has already arisen increases by an additional 5 feet. The ground continues to rise for 1d6 rounds before the power of the hill seed is expended. Multiple hill seeds can be planted simultaneously in order to create a larger hill. A successful dispel magic can halt the growth of a hill seed, but any growth already completed is permanent and no longer magical. If you cast stone shape while the hill seed is planted, you can alter the dimensions of the hill created as if it were a shapeable effect, so each time it grows, it creates three 10-foot-radius spreads or six 5-foot-cubes placed anywhere within a 30-foot-radius of the place where the hill seed was planted.

A hill seed cannot affect the ground within 5 feet of a building or permanent structure, unless the entirety of that structure fits within a 20-foot-radius.

A hill seed cannot grow on bare stone, ice, or snow, but it can be placed in sand to grow a massive dune.

Hill seeds can be planted underwater on a seafloor, riverbed, or lakebed.

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