Holy Liberator

Weapon (pike), very rare (requires attunement by a paladin)

This is a +1 pike that unlocks its true potential in the hands of a paladin. If you have the Aura of Protection class feature, you and allies within the aura’s range are immune to the charmed condition while you are conscious. Additionally, you can sense the presence of enchantment spells with your Divine Sense class feature as if they were a celestial, fiend, or undead. If you strike a creature that is affected by an enchantment spell, they immediately get a saving throw with advantage against the caster’s spell save DC to end the effect.

If you successfully attack a creature affected by an enchantment effect, you can spend 5 points from your healing pool from your Lay on Hands class feature in order to negate any damage you would have dealt to that creature.

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