Howell’s Hallowhunter

Weapon (longsword), legendary (requires attunement by a creature of non-evil alignment)

Created by the archmage Howell and blessed by the Goddess of Life, Hallowhunter was forged with the sole purpose of slaying undead. Although mighty, Hallowhunter will only reveal its true power to those that swear an oath to lay to rest every undead they encounter.

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls against undead made with this magic weapon.

When you declare an oath to destroy undead while attuned to this weapon, this bonus increases to +2. If you have made this oath and are level 10 or higher, this bonus increases to +3 and you have a +2 bonus to AC against attacks made by undead while holding this weapon.

If you swear an oath to destroy undead while attuned to Hallowhunter, it has the following additional properties.

Ashes to Ashes. Whenever you use it to reduce an undead to 0 hit points, the undead is consumed by blue flames that destroy its physical form, if it has one. Undead consumed by the flames are reduced to a pile of fine ash, leaving behind only what they were carrying. Powerful undead, such as liches or vampires, can make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw against this effect, preserving their corporeal form on a success.

Indwelling Spirit. Hallowhunter can cast the Heal spell once every two weeks. If you are level 10 or higher, it can cast the Aid spell once per day and the Heal spell once every three days. It decides when to cast its spells, the targets of its spells, and requires no material components.

Undead Enmity. Hallowhunter will vibrate and shed dim light in a 20-foot radius when an undead creature comes within 60 feet of you.

Hostile undead within 30 feet of you ignore all other threats and must use their action to harm you if possible. Powerful undead can make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw against this effect, remaining in control of themselves on a success. An undead can repeat this saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success. If an undead’s saving throw is successful or the effect ends for it, the undead is immune to the effect for the next 24 hours.

Sentience. Hallowhunter is a sentient lawful good weapon with an Intelligence of 12, a Wisdom of 18, and a Charisma of 10. It has hearing and darkvision out to a range of 120 feet.

The weapon can read and understand Common, and can communicate with its wielder telepathically. Its voice is clear and soft-spoken. While you are attuned to it, Hallowhunter also understands every language you know.

Personality. Hallowhunter speaks in a serene tone and is rarely perturbed, even by combat.

Hallowhunter’s purpose is to destroy any undead it comes across. It makes no distinction between mindless reanimated corpses and undead capable of higher thought. Conflict arises if the wielder fails to slay undead or knowingly aids them.

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