Hydraulic Exoskeleton

Armor, very rare

Crafted from heavy plates of a secretive blend of metals, these massive suits of mechanized armor provide increased protection as well as strength. Often used in large-scale construction projects, such as building castles and forts, they can be found in mines around the Realm and particularly Grey Hills. The entire suit weighs 300 lbs., but to compensate for the immense weight the armor is equipped with a hydraulics system that artificially assists the wearer’s movement. Although speed in the suit is reduced by 1/3, rounded up, the wearer takes twice as long to reach exhaustion. The suit takes 2 rounds to don and 2 rounds to remove, though each can be reduced by 1 round if assisted by another Medium or Large person.

While wearing it, the wearer gains a +4 Strength bonus (maximum 22) and +1 bonus to AC. The system requires no power source, as it runs entirely on magic. If the wearer is targeted by any magic-dispelling effects, they are unable to walk or attack until the effect ends, although they can still exit the suit. The suit is equipped with manual controls in order to escape the suit in the event of a malfunction.

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