Icon of Timeless Faith

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement to corresponding deity; see text)

This gilded icon of the holy saints is a powerful tool to aid divine spellcasters and those willing to tap into the power of their faith. You may use an icon of timeless faith as your spellcasting focus for divine spells.

You can meditate with the icon while burning incense for 1 hour to call upon the wisdom of the saint within, duplicating the effect of divination or contact other plane (your choice). At the conclusion of the meditation, you gain advantage on your next ability check using Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma made before the next dawn.

You may also use the icon timeless faith to pray for an intercession from the spirit within. You perform this action as a ritual, manifesting the spirit as a planar ally appropriate to the faith of the icon. This spirit seeks to guard and protect you, remaining by your side and granting you a +2 bonus to your AC. Creatures attacking you in melee provoke attacks of opportunity from the spirit. The spirit may make up to three attacks of opportunity per round. If you are being attacked while casting or Concentrating on a spell, the spirit gains advantage on the attack.

You gain advantage on your Concentration checks and spellcaster ability checks in the presence of the spirit. If you fail one, you may dismiss the spirit as a bonus action to attempt the check again (with advantage). Once the spirit has manifested, it cannot be summoned again until the next dawn.

When found, an icon of timeless faith contains an artistic representation of a great patriarch or matriarch of a randomly determined faith, and it can only be attuned if you follow the faith it represents; however, the icon of timeless faith responds to your faith the more you pray before it. Each time you pray or meditate before the icon during your spell preparation following a long rest, you can attempt a spellcaster ability check at a DC 25. Each consecutive time you pray, the DC of this check is reduced by 1. If you miss a day of prayer with the icon the DC resets to 25. If you succeed the spellcaster ability check for three consecutive days, the image within the icon of timeless faith shifts to a saintly figure appropriate to your faith, and you may now attune it.

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