Jester’s Cosh

Rod, uncommon (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

This bar of gleaming metal is surmounted by the head of a laughing harlequin, masked and horned in gales of mirth.

Any spellcaster who attunes the rod can treat the vicious mockery cantrip and hideous laughter spell as spells that they both know (for bards and sorcerers) and have prepared spells (for other spellcasters). The wearer can cast these spells using their normal spell slots and save DC, even if those spells are not normally on their spell list. If the wearer already has those spells known (or prepared, for spellcasters that require preparation), the save DC for those spells is increased by 1.

When attuned by a bard, the jester’s cosh can be wielded as a club, treated as a magical weapon but with no bonus on attack and damage rolls. However, on a successful hit, the wielder can cast vicious mockery as a bonus action, targeting the creature struck. On a critical hit, the target has disadvantage on its saving throw.

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