Ki Rings

Ring, uncommon (1 ki), rare (3 ki), or very rare (5 ki) (requires attunement by a monk)

These simple rings interlock with each other, allowing the wearer to capture and focus additional ki from their inner strength. These points may be used as though they were part of your ki pool. Each ring’s ki replenishes each day at dawn.

A single ki ring is an uncommon treasure and grants 1 additional point of ki. A rare ki ring consists of two ki rings joined together grants the wearer 3 points of ki. A very rare ki ring is formed from connecting three ki rings and grants the wearer 5 points of ki. When joined together, ki rings can be attuned as a single magic item. The rings cannot be separated while they contain ki energy, but while their energy is exhausted, the wearer can spend 1 point of their own ki to separate them. When separated, each ki ring can be attuned as an individual item, each able to grant a wearer 1 extra point of ki.

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