Kijani Seedling

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This 1-inch-thick, 2-foot-long green vine, topped with a leaf, is an immature kijani seedling. When you attune to the seedling, you allow it to attach itself to your body with its tendrils and bury its roots into your veins, nerves, and bones. The seedling is flexible enough to squeeze in beneath your clothing or armor as long as part of it remains exposed to the open air; the seedling will move itself to stay in sunlight when possible.

While you are attuned to the kijani seedling, you don’t need to sleep, magic can’t put you to sleep, and you are immune to the ravening disease. You can communicate with plant creatures within 30 feet as if you shared a common language and can use speak with plants, as the spell, for 1 hour per day. You also gain proficiency in the Arcana, History, Nature, or Religion skill (your choice when you attune to the seedling).

The seedling is a symbiote and cannot be removed while you’re attuned to it. You can remove your attunement to the seedling if you are in physical contact with another creature that is willing to attune to it in your place. If the seedling remains attuned to a host for long enough-typically 10 years or so-it will eventually detach itself and rapidly grow into a mature kijani.

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