Kimono of Honored Ancestors

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

Skilled embroidering depicts stylized trees branching along the edges of this one-layer white silk kimono. Once per day, the wearer of a kimono of honored ancestors can spend 10 minutes in focused meditation to receive a benefit of guidance and/or of knowledge from wisdom of the wearer’s ancestors.

For guidance, the wearer may ask one specific question about any topic that the wearer is involved in directly, but the spirits can’t answer questions about any subjects that will occur more than a week in the future. This functions like a divination spell. The answers given are always accurate, but the spirits may be cryptic, vague, or answer in riddles, preferring to lead the wearer to think carefully on the answer.

For knowledge, the wearer may be influenced by their ancestors and gain a +2 bonus to any Intelligence (History) checks made by the wearer.

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