Kinship Pledge Signet

Ring, rare (requires attunement)

This gleaming platinum ring has a flat surface inlaid with a perfectly smooth onyx disk.

When a creature puts on the kinship pledge signet, the top surface of the onyx transforms to create a random, unique, high-relief insignia, which disappears when the ring is taken off.

By pressing the insignia against the skin of a willing ally as an action, the wearer of a kinship pledge signet creates a mutual bond between her and her ally. The mark has the shape of the onyx insignia but otherwise functions as arcane mark.

While the bond is in place, the creatures confer a +1 bonus in addition to advantage when using the Help action with each other.

If the two creatures are on the same plane, they always know the general direction to each other.

The wearer of the ring can determine the exact distance to the marked ally with a successful DC 20 Intelligence (Arcana).

Only one such bond can be active at any one time.

If the wearer creates a new bond with a second creature, the original one is severed.

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