Kinslayer’s Knife

Weapon (dagger), legendary (requires attunement)

This +2 dagger shows the name of its current (or most recent) wielder written in blood on its black blade. The dagger critically hits on a roll of an 18 to 20. With this dagger, you deal have advantage on all attack rolls against members of your bloodline and deal an extra 2d6 necrotic damage against them. As an action, you can learn more information about the creature most recently wounded with the kinslayer’s knife, such as the person’s name, profession, gender, race, and when it was last attacked with the kinslayer’s knife. Once you use this ability, that person’s name is also used on the kinslayer’s knife and the advantage to attack rolls and 2d6 necrotic damage also applies to both that creature and that creature’s bloodline. Only one name other than your own can be written on the kinslayer’s knife.

Epic Attunement. As a bonus action, you can discern whether or not there are any creatures within 30 feet that are related by blood to the people whose names are written on the dagger. As an action, you can also determine where the nearest creature related by blood to either of the two names is as if using the spell locate creature.

The time to determine information about the last creature attacked by the kinslayer’s knife, and have their name written in blood alongside your own is also reduced to a bonus action.

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