Klaven Spacesuit

Armor (heavy), very rare

This airtight suit of synthetic polymers interwoven with superconducting filaments includes a transparent, dome-like helmet that completely covers the wearer’s head. As long as it is powered, a klaven spacesuit grants its wearer complete protection from radiation and exposure to vacuum, as well as all inhaled toxins and diseases. It protects its wearer from extremes of heat and cold, granting cold resistance and fire resistance. The suit can function for 25 hours before needing to be recharged at an appropriate ship or facility.

The suit’s self-repairing polymer resin fabric automatically seals secondary punctures or tears created by physical attacks to the wearer and damage dealt specifically against the suit. As a free action once per round, the wearer can also trigger an active self-repair mode, expending one hour of charge from the suit’s power supply to repair 4d6 points of damage. A spacesuit repairs damage to itself at the rate of 4d6 points of damage per charge consumed.

It has threshold 6 and 60 hit points.

A klaven spacesuit is fitted with numerous small booster jets that grant the wearer a fly speed of 20 feet in areas of zero gravity while the spacesuit is charged. The boosters impart no benefit in areas of high, low, or normal gravity.

The wearer can load up to two potions into the suit for later consumption through tubing even in zerogravity situations. Consuming a potion in this way is an action, however, it does not need to be retrieved before consuming it.

Klaven spacesuits allow klaven (see the Alien Codex from Legendary Games) to use their nanite exchange to communicate with other klaven even in a vacuum, and in fact the range of such communication is 10 times normal in a vacuum. Creatures without the klaven template attempting to wear a klaven spacesuit are considered nonproficient in its use, even if they are proficient with heavy armor.

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