Koto of Ki Shards

Wondrous item, rare (must be attuned)

Crafted from light, fine-grained wood the body of this slender, 6-foot-long zither is strung with 13 strings stretched across adjustable sliding bridges.

The instrument is designed to be played horizontally by plucking the strings set of fingerpicks carved from the beaks for hawksbill turtles and can be either set upon a stand or laid across the performer’s lap.

When played by an accomplished performer, a koto of ki shards is capable of producing devastating sonic effects. All effects created by the performance are created by the manipulation of vibration and sound and therefore deal thunder damage rather than their normal type of damage. In order to create specific effects, the performer must be of the appropriate caster level as list on the table below. The performer then makes a Charisma (Performance) skill check, the difficulty of which is determined by the effect desired. In the event the performer fails the Performance check, the power doesn’t work but the associated charges are spent.

Characters with ki can choose to expend ki points instead of using charges when attempting to coax sonic effects from the instruments with a performance. Again, the performer must expend the ki point(s) to attempt to create the effect and the Ki is spent whether or not the performance succeeds.

The koto of ki shards must have at least one charge remaining in order for a performer to utilize Ki.

A koto of ki shards can only hold seven charges, once expended the instrument must be recharged by playing it for at least one hour, with a successful DC 20 Charisma (Performance) check. The player gains advantage on this check if she expends 1 ki point while playing, or if a spellcaster expends a spell slot of 3rd level or higher while she plays.

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