Lance of Endless Night

Wondrous item, artifact

This artifact comes in two parts. The first is gigantic and resembles a wooden and iron scaffolding. Once assembled, it forms a massive cube 100 feet on a side. This structure must be built around a major energy source. After twenty-four hours, the energy fully charges the artifact, and the second part of the device comes into play. An iron lance, 12 feet long, fits into a conduit built into the scaffold, so that all of the absorbed energy transfers into the weapon.

The lance has no magical powers as a weapon. In fact, it doesn’t even make a very good lance. When charged with energy and pointed at the sun, however, it emits a ray of darkness that stabs at the very heart of the fiery orb. It slays the sun.

Obviously, no one has ever successfully employed this horrible weapon. Without the sun, the world would quickly devolve into a cold, lifeless place of total darkness where only undead and similar creatures could survive.

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