Ledger of Souls

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This elaborately bound tome is an endless record of those who have passed on to the great beyond. Once per day when within 5 feet of a living creature at 0 hit points, you can recite a short sentence into the book, which records your words in blood-red ink while drawing forth the creature’s life force. This counts as one automatic death saving throw failure, as if the creature had taken damage. In addition, the creature has disadvantage on death saves for 1 round, and if both die rolls would have failed, that counts as two failures.

If a creature dies within 1 round of recording their death in the ledger of the dead, you gain a surge of soul energy that grants you advantage on Charisma checks and Wisdom (Insight) checks for 1 hour, and increases the save DC of all enchantment spells you cast by 1.

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