Longarm Draught

Potion, uncommon

This viscous purple liquid is simultaneously syrupy and nearly gelid, with tiny bubbles trapped within. A creature drinking it becomes limber and flexible, with an uncanny ability to stretch their arms to double their normal length. This grants the drinker a +1 bonus on Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) checks and on Strength (Athletics) checks made to climb or to Grapple or Shove other creatures.

As a bonus action, the drinker can stretch their arms out, increasing their natural reach by 5 feet until the beginning of their next turn. They can attack with these extra-long arms but have disadvantage on attack rolls with melee weapon attacks, unless those weapons are part of their body like a fist or claw. After stretching their arms, they snap back to their normal length at the beginning of their next turn and they cannot be stretched again until the following round.

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