Lucky Mallet

Weapon (light hammer), artifact (requires attunement)

This unassuming +1 light hammer is inscribed with the divine symbol of a deity of luck. Each such deity has created a single lucky mallet, varying widely in appearance from a simple and unadorned craftsman’s mallet to a beautifully chased and gilded weapon. Each lucky mallet travels around the world, bringing fortune to those that find it. It grants the bearer a +1 bonus to saving throws. Three times per day, an attuned wielder of a lucky mallet can call upon its power of luck. The wielder can use this luck to reroll an attack roll with the lucky mallet; this takes no action, but you cannot use the power more than once per round and you must accept the result of the second die roll. The wielder also can use an action to invoke this luck power, gaining one of the following results:

d6 Effect
1-2 The lucky mallet gains an additional ability; roll on the Moonblade Properties table.
3-4 You gain a minor blessing; roll on the Minor Beneficial Properties table.
5-6 You gain a major blessing; roll on the Major Beneficial Properties table.

Whichever effect you create lasts for 24 hours, until you complete a long rest, or until you spend an action to trigger a new effect from the lucky mallet, whichever comes first.

In addition, you can expend all of the lucky mallet’s power to request a wish from the mallet’s patron deity. The wielder cannot have expended any of the lucky mallet’s uses of luck that day before making the wish, and all other properties of the lucky mallet other than its +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls do not function for 1d4 days, beginning 1 round after making the wish.

You cannot create an object with this wish, and if your wish is intended to harm a creature or object, you must successfully strike that creature or object with the lucky mallet and then use a bonus action to request the wish; all harmful effects of the wish affect only that creature or object, even if the effect of the wish normally would affect multiple creatures or an area. Each time a lucky mallet is used to make a wish, there is a 25% chance it will vanish in the middle of the night, off to grant its blessings to a new lucky wielder.


The lucky mallet cannot be permanently destroyed. Whenever it would be accidentally destroyed, it simply disappears to be found again elsewhere in the world. Any creature intentionally trying to destroy it must attempt a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw or be affected as bestow curse. The effect of the curse is random and is permanent. Remove curse or a similar effect does not automatically end the curse but does grant a new saving throw.

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