Map of the Stars

Wondrous item, uncommon

This cylindrical deep blue leather case contains a retractable blank scroll. If directed to the skies above at night, the blank parchment will become translucent allowing the light of the stars and other colorful ink like blots to pass through. The luminous ink shaped blots are different planes of existence. This scroll can be used to determine precise date of the year, determine when portals to other planes of existence will open on your current plane, and lastly where you can find said portals at on your current plane. If you are proficient with navigator’s tools, you can determine the exact day of the year; if not, a DC 10 Intelligence (Nature) or Intelligence (Investigation) check is required. You can take one minute and make a DC 15 Intelligence (Arcana) check to determine where a plane will open up; a second check will determine when (within 1d4 hours). On a failure, you do not have accurate information until the next time a particular plane becomes available, or for 24 hours, although others can try. You can limit the scope of your inquiry to any radius, from 1 mile up to 1000 miles; on a success you will learn the soonest event.

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