Map of the Trailblazer

Wondrous item, very rare

The map of the trailblazer is ideal for individuals mapping out uncharted territory.

It grants its holder advantage on Intelligence (Nature) checks, as well as on any ability checks related to cartography. The map of the trailblazer folds up into a standard sized map case, but it can expand to an enormous size. If the holder would draw a line off the edge of the map, the paper extends itself to create more room to draw. The map divides the landscape into hexes, which are each 6 inches across. By speaking the appropriate command word and touching one of these hexes, the cartographer can cause the map to enlarge that hex to be 5 feet across. Speaking the command word again causes the map to revert to its normal state and shrinks any details on that hex proportionally.

Once per week, the holder can ask the map a single question about the hex that you are in. This question must be one of the questions listed in the spell description of commune with nature.

In addition, you gain benefits from knowledge of her surroundings. If you have marked a location on the map, you gain a benefit while in that hex based on the type of location. The location types are landmark, plant, resource, ruin, and settlement. The location must exist for you to gain the benefit—you cannot simply mark false locations to gain benefits. You can only benefit from one location type, but if multiple benefits would apply to your hex, you can choose which benefit to take when you enter the hex. This benefit can be changed (if others could apply) if you take 1 minute to study the map.

Landmark: You gain advantage on saving throws to resist exhaustion, as well as to Charisma saving throws.

Plant: You gain advantage on Wisdom (Medicine) and Wisdom (Survival) checks.

Resource: You gain advantage on Intelligence (Investigation) rolls related to the resource, as well as any Wisdom (Insight) rolls when questioning people about that resource.

Ruin: You gain advantage on saving throws against traps, as well as advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks.

Settlement: You gain advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks to interact with locals.

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